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Script no longer works except on bookmarks page

About: Pixiv Arts Preview & Followed Atrists Coloring

I noticed the script just updated to 1.38.2 on Monday, but I'm not getting any previews anywhere anymore except on my list of bookmarks. This is happening on Chrome and Firefox.


  • @TNCheese It is not because of 1.38.2 version, it because another update of pixiv page layout ( Nonetheless, thanks for the feedback, I'll try to fix it as soon, as possible.

  • @TNCheese hotfix for all main pages 1.39
    (I forgot how to get on to check if it works there. Does this site section still exists in any way? If so - let me know, I'll fix it there too)

  • Thanks for the hotfix.

    You get to a bookmark_detail page by clicking the little blue box with a heart under a picture in search results or your bookmark list. The previews work on bookmark_detail for the artist's other works and the recommendations, but not the thumbnail of the work itself at the top (though I don't know if it was supposed to work for that thumbnail in the first place).

  • @TNCheese Ok, I've found it. Yes, I decided that if artwork is already in bookmarks(or if you have saw its preview before you got on this page), there is no need for extra code for previewing it on details page. So, bookmark info page works as planned. Thanks for the information)

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