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[solved] css highlighter (v.2018.2.27 - fork darkred)

About: css highlighter
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i don't show the "beautify" and the "copy to clipboard" icons ?

I observe that after following the thread:
Styles won't install -Temporary Workaround-
and inspect my userscripts working on these pages to see which can interfere with the install of userstyle (i can't install one without accept the upgrade of stylish addon - which i don't want for this profile).
It's seems not your case (if i disable greasemonkey , i have the same problem)


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    I don't see any problem with the script, it works fine: (note that I use Tampermonkey and Stylus, I don't support Greasemonkey nor Stylish):

    • the styles install fine in Stylus,
    • the clickable 'highlight/raw text' icon is displayed ok as expected,
    • the Ctrl+K shortcut still copies CSS code to clipboard,
    • and the leftover window.status = 'CSS copied to clipboard'; property doesn't work in default configuration in any modern browser versions.
  • Thanks!
    Yes, after delete my previous install and reinstall it it work !

    But like, you said :
    The copy CSS by "CTRL + Click on the icon" work in Chrome / Tampermonkey.
    in Firefox if i use gresemonkey it don't work
    and work perfectly with Tampermonkey.

    Can you support Greasemonkey in a next update?

  • Can you support Greasemonkey in a next update?

    The script works fine in Greasmonkey as it currently is:
    I just tested its functionality (incl. Ctrl+click) in Firefox 66.0.3 with Greasemonkey 4.7.

    Could you give an example, a userstyle install page where Ctrl+Click doesn't work?

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    It's certainly a conflict with another script or extension:
    I tested on an other profile and yes all work fine with Greasemonkey too.
    Thanks for your reply and sorry for the disturb!
    Just notice i need to open and close and reopen the "show CSS" to see your icons...
    But that's good!

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