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Weird issue with Turkmaster

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
After a while, my mturk tabs don't finish loading, the green loading circle on the tab never stops. In addition to this, in the search page, all the results are shown as if I clicked on "Show all details", even though I did not click on it. "Hide all details" does nothing to remove the details. I have to restart Firefox to get things working again, or disable turkmaster.

Here's a screenshot of the issue.


  • How often does this happen? I checked it out yesterday and couldn't reproduce the issue but I have had that happen to me in the past on occasion - usually on Firefox. I'm not exactly sure what causes this but I'm going to keep an eye out and see if it happens to me again.
  • Completely random, but it has been happening more frequently lately. I've gone days without it happening but sometimes it'll return minutes after restarting Firefox.

    Could it be related to The problem is occurring right now for me and "Read" appears on the bottom left of my screen and doesn't go away, and in the screenshot I posted, "Transferring data from" appears on the bottom left.
  • It's possible, but unlikely unless Google's servers went down. Even then, the page should just show a different font if it can't reach the server.

    I think that's just what happened to be loading when the page loading process kind of froze. But please let me know if it happens to you again and still shows the same message.
  • This is happening to me a lot lately as well, multiple times per day.

    Sometimes it will freeze when loading googleapis and sometimes on imgur. It doesn't seem to be server related as both of the domains can still be reached while the script is having issues.

    Restarting Firefox is the only thing that fixes it for me.
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