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[ Solved by the author] - Correction - The author name (null) in broken in [TS] Citrus GFork

About: [TS] Citrus GFork
edited April 18 in Script Discussions [?]

The author name (null) in broken in [TS] Citrus GFork due a change in the site:
"data-script-author-name" became "data-script-authors".

A quick fix: you can change that in the script:

// PB     = li.getAttribute("data-script-author-name");
// COR
       = li.getAttribute("data-script-authors");

That's is not perfect because now you see the name but with an id before.
By example:
by {"2160":"darkred"}
But that's better than noting.

I am not coder, so if you have a better idea...


  • edited March 20 [?]

    I can clean the name with clip-path but it is not perfect and there is another problem:
    if we click on the script author name we go to a 404 page.....

  • Thanx for the quick fix!

    As you say...

    @decembre said:
    But that's better than nothing.

  • ;-)
    I hope a better correction by the author, but he seems not in possibility to do the job at this moment.

  • Sorry for late reply. I just read it and thanks for the temp fix. You need to manually update it, as you have altered the script and auto-update does not work on altered scripts.

    It's been a long time since I updated my scripts. I especially would like to finish Linx Amender 4 which has been on hold for around 2 1/2 years. So far I am unable to go back to regular scripting. :(

  • edited April 18 [?]

    omg!-omg!-omg!-omg! - [TS] is back!

    @TimidScript, thanks for including that fix and a bit of other cleanup.

    And most importantly, thanks for the scripts you've provided! We understand you Real Life has to come first, so do let that be the priority.

    Fortunately for us, you works stand up well for years. :)

  • Welcome back!
    and thanks for the correction....

  • Thank you, I really appreciate the welcome. Not really back but scripting a little. A fraction of what I use to do. :)

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