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Not Working

About: Direkt zum Posteingang

Doesn't click it, although attributes are still right...


  • Hi,
    thanks for the feedback.
    I just tested the script version 2.3 with Firefox 65.0.2, Tampermonkey 4.8.5847 and it still works fine. Can you reproduce with a fresh profile?
    I also got a ton of other extensions like uBO running, but I don't think they interfere to make the script work.

    tldr: Cannot reproduce, please more info.

  • Please provide info to let me reproduce.

  • Sorry for the late response. Using version 2.3, Firefox 66.0.5, Tampermonkey 4.9.5921. I deactivated all other scripts. Also it shows your script did run once while visting after login, but it doesn't switch to Email tab. :/

  • Hmm.
    Does it work for you, if you add
    // @run-at document-start
    to the metadata section at the top?

  • That did actually fix it! Thanks a lot :)

  • edited May 17 [?]

    Nice, I'll give it an update.
    Strange thing is, it works for me every time, even without // @run-at document-start.

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