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Import/Export and deleting requester questions

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
I've only been using your script for about a month, and overall I do love it. However, like some of the others who have left messages in the past, I'm having issues with trying to delete requester watches I have in the list. The 'x' and 'pencil' for edit do not work at all FOR REQUESTER WATCHES ONLY. These seem to work perfectly in the other watch types. What I have noticed is that for the other types of watches (hits), the 'pencil' icon will turn blue and the 'x' will turn red when the mouse hovers over. For all the requester watches, both of these icons remain black in color. These are also the watch items where the 'down arrow' icon for the TO graph ratings appear ... wondering if that has caused some interference and is contributing to the deleting issue.

I also am confused and could use more direction on the Export and Import features. I have been able to copy/save the text using Export (I have saved to and edited in a Word file format), carefully edited the text file to remove those requesters I no longer wish to follow, saved the revised text, then copied the revised text into the Import box and 'saved'. The problem is the saved text file with these changes does not load (the watch list prior to revisions is what displays in the dashboard). I have even tried logging out of the mTurk program, closing my browser (Chrome) after deleting history, etc. It's almost like the 'saved' import file is not overwriting the existing watch text file, if that makes sense.

While I am not that familiar with computer programs, etc., I made sure that when I edited/revised the exported text file, I did not disturb the syntax (if that's the correct term) of the data. In other words, the opening/closing square bracket, the commas, quote marks, regular brackets, etc. Since I'm old and from the DOS days, I do understand the importance of everything being perfect.

I am using Chrome, Tampermonkey version 3.11, and your latest version of TurkMaster 1.3.4. TurkMaster is loading in the 4th position with Tampermonkey. I also use Hitdb and have not noticed any problems with that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • Hey Cherylann, thanks for using Turkmaster. Glad you like it!

    For your problem with the requester watchers it sounds like either the TO extension is screwing things up (switch to the TO script instead if that's the case) or the TO script itself is causing issues. If it's the TO script check out this post for a solution.

    I'm honestly not sure why editing the export isn't working for you. I'll play around with it and see if I can reproduce the error. You might want to try changing your word wrap setting in your text editor. When I first added export/import, word wrap was causing some issues for me and turning it off fixed it for me.

    And yeah, Hitdb should be fine. I had it installed the whole time I worked on Turkmaster.

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