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Not official update that works with the latest version of evernote for web

About: Evernote Web HTML editor

Hi, I've just quickly updated the script to make it work with the latest version of evernote for web.

It's not perfect: in order to "save changes" you have to change anything inside the note (e.g. enter an empty space, modify text, etc) after editing the html.

You can download it here:

You can install it by various ways:

  1. by replacing the content of an old script in tamper monkey with a new one, than click "ctrl+s"
  2. by adding a new script in tampermonkey (by pressing "+"), then replace all content, click "ctrl+s"


  • Hi Pavel, thanks for posting.

    It seems that the new version only works on Chrome, therefore I will not consider maintaining a script that I cannot use.

    You might want to consider forking my script and releasing it here on Greasy Fork, so that more people can use it. :smile:

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