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Browser freeze when viewing script code in GreasyFork (Waterfox and Chrome)

edited January 16 in Site Feedback [?]

Tested on different profiles and with/without others scripts enable.
Test link:

On Waterfox i have script error message about:
It freeze with scripts enable/disable.
Idem if i only disable the script "Linkify Plus Plus v.9.0.0"

On Chrome ,it freeze too but if i stop the script "Linkify Plus Plus v.9.0.0", that's ok.
It's ok too if i add exclude for it:
// @exclude


  • I recently switch the library used to do syntax highlighting. I thought this one could handle even very large scripts. I thought wrong.

    I've re-added the logic to skip syntax highlighting for scripts > 500KB.

  • @JasonBarnabe, could you simply reuse AceEditor in a read-only mode? If it's like CodeMirror then it should be able to handle huge scripts almost instantaneously without stressing the client browser.

  • ok that's not my fault :-)

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