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Not even partial script as stated in description.

About: 2018 MouseHunt AutoBot

Please be warned that this script doesn't work unless you "donate" to the author. Completely against the spirit of free scripts.

Description states that it's "not the full script". This is incorrect. This is not even a partial script. It is nothing.


  • Sounds like you have a different meaning of script. The code is not all there as stated. Not false advertising. Poor comprehension.

    Credit has been given to the original script writers which is still available for free. That script is by CNN called MouseHunt AutoBot Enhanced Edition (

    So before you start getting on your high horse again, think about this... the original script is no longer being developed. I am giving people an option to get an updated script. If you don't want to pay for it, then don't pay. Use the old script, but don't ruin it for others that can afford the $1.

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