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Panda Crazy Keeps Saying I'm Logged Out of mTurk

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
edited December 2018 in Script Discussions Chrome

I'm NOT logged out of mTurk. I've tried turning off Chrome, rebooting computer, uninstall/reinstall PCrazy ... and ... nope. It did work before.

I'm running the latest patch of Windows 7, and the latest versions of Chrome, Tampermonkey and (unsuccessfully) Panda Crazy.



  • UPDATE: Got rescued by a fellow former sufferer on Reddit.

    My cookies permissions on Chrome were set properly, but for some reason, just for Panda Crazy, I had to go into:

    Settings --> Advanced --> Privacy and Security --> Cookies --> All Cookies and Site Data --> Allow (...phew...) then paste the Panda Crazy link in to give it permission. Works now!

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