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The "Laser" points to a offset position of the real cursor

About: Change the scope to and

As shown on those images the laser points to an offet position of the real cursor,
it seems like it's tracking it from the bottom-right corner of the screen instead of the center.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


  • edited November 2018 Chrome

    I have tried reinstalling it/refleshing the page/reopening chrome but it doesn't seem to fix it.
    I have also found out that it's offset by 50% of the distance to the bottom-right of the screen, here are some other examples:

  • I had the same bug on my mac. To fix it, change "params.ctx.lineTo(event.pageX,event.pageY)" to "params.ctx.lineTo(2 * event.pageX,2 * event.pageY)" in Line 648.

  • edited June 10 [?]

    He changed it.
    Now you need to change line 696 to

        os_var == "win" ? params.ctx.lineTo(mouse_pos.x, mouse_pos.y) : os_var == "mac" ? params.ctx.lineTo(mouse_pos.x, mouse_pos.y) : params.ctx.lineTo(mouse_pos.x, mouse_pos.y)

    The variables got switched up.

  • On my chromebook, you now have to edit line 696, replacing all the
    posXY.x, posXY.y
    mouse_pos.x, mouse_pos.y

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