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BUG: When showVideoFormats is set to "btn" & button VidFmts is clicked and then again clicked

About: YouTube Links

When the showVideoFormats is set to "btn" and the button VidFmts is clicked, the download options/video formats appear, BUT when the button is clicked again, the download options/video formats don't disappear.


  • Opera Mobile
    Hi, this is the intended design. It is not a toggle switch. If you click on it again, it will refresh the links one more time.

    The video formats will disappear when you load another video.
  • it's working again, thank you!

  • Ah, okay, but it would be much more practical when it would be a toggle switch, so that I don't have to reload the page to make the options disappear.

  • Suggestion: Make the video/audio download option bar dissapear/fade out after 10 seconds when on btn mode - or make it a toggle button.

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