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About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy

I continually have a problem with this script. Randomly, it will decide not to work and I get "Sorry, we couldn't find that page." I understand that this means the script supposedly isn't running at all, but I can never figure out how toc consistently get it to run when I have this issue.

I disable, then re-enable Tapermonkey - doesn't work.
I disable, then re-enable Panda Crazy - doesn't work.
I clear cache and cookies - doesn't work.
I reinstall Panda Crazy - doesn't work.

SOMETIMES if I remove and then freshly install the script, it works, but because I don't back up Panda Crazy daily, I also lose all my stored Pandas.

This problem happens to me ALL the time. One day, it'll just start working again for no reason.

I'd love to know how to consistently troubleshoot and resolve this issue without having to spend so much time reconfiguring panda crazy when it happens.

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