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Remove also "Up next" and "Autoplay" text + the saved space

About: Youtube No Autoplay - Disable "Up Next"

Please also remove the "Up next" and "Autoplay" text + the saved space.


  • You know you can rename it to anything you want on your PC inside the Greasemonkey / Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey editor?

    It is called like this so people who search my addon can find it with more keywords.

  • You misunderstood: I ment to remove all that from the youtube video pages with the help of your script as an additional feature...! ;)

  • edited October 2018 Firefox

    So basically you want to block something? If you have uBlock Origin installed you can do that with:
    Writing addons for cosmetic filtering would really be over the top.
    Especially that it can be done in 1 line of filter rules.
    But I am happy to help you friend!

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