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Perfect !

About: tweet2gif
edited September 2018 in Script Discussions Firefox

After installing the addon + add the rule and install your script:
the GIF button work perfectly.

The only little problem:
I can't see the GIF button on some Hidden links that is have un-hidde(without click the un button) by CSS:

<br /> @namespace url(;</p> <p>@-moz-document domain("") {</p> <p>/* ==== X TWITTER - HIDDEN CONTAINER VISIBLE v.1 ==== */<br /> ,<br /> .hidden {<br /> display: inline-block !important;<br /> border: 1px dashed red !important;<br /> }</p> <p>.Tombstone {<br /> display: none !important;<br /> }</p> <p>/* ==== END ==== */</p> <p>}<br />

Can you add them in your script ?

Another question:
I add your rules for Twitter in "Content Security Policy Override":

It's the good way or i need to override all the explanations / examples in it before copy paste your rule?
How add other rules ?

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