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Improvement suggestion: Show download options banner only when (new) download button clicked

About: YouTube Links

It would be great to have a download button under the video right beside the video count or right beside the uploader name, so that the video download options banner above the video only appears on button click of the new download button, as this download option banner takes much space of the screen, especially on Notebooks with smaller displays.


  • While not exactly what you want, this functionality exists. The instructions are in the Info page.

    There are some high-level settings in the script. Search for var userConfig = {.

    showVideoFormats: show video formats at the top of the watch page.

    Possible values: true / false / "btn"

    Default: true

    Set to false if you do not want the video formats.

    The value "btn" (with the quotes) will show a VidFmts button at the top of the page. Click on the button to show the video formats.

    A VidFmts button will appear in the page banner.

    However, I just tried it and it works in Classic mode only. It will be fixed in the next version (> v1.96).

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