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Trailer Link - Why remove it with this script?

About: RARBG - various tweaks
edited September 2018 in Script Discussions Firefox

I'm doing a side by side comparison of your script, why remove the runtime, the trailer, and the PG rating of the films?


  • edited September 2018 Chrome

    Runtime and PG rating are still there, appended to the end of the 'IMDb summary' text. Note that the 'runtime' is converted from: e.g. '118' to: 1h 58min.

    Regarding 'Trailer' there's a comment in the script explaining why I remove the trailer:

    The 'Trailers' row is now hidden because is blocked by default in uBlock Origin (via EasyList), therefore it's useless.

    BTW, in the version I just uploaded, I now remove the 'VPN' row too, as it's an ad.

    I've just added the above info to the script description too.

    Please change your review to "No rating - just a question, comment, feature request, or bug report".

  • edited September 2018 Chrome

    On second thought, I decided to restore the 'Trailer' row, since you need it.
    Please update to the new version.

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