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Version 1.0.6 doesn't work

About: YouTube Video Preview and Ratings

Version 1.0.6 doesn't work (only shows the red options menu icon - and options when clicked - in the upper right corner), version 1.0.5 works.


  • Can you try to first delete it and then reload to see if it works? I am using it with tampermonkey on chrome and firefox and works for both. If possible please provide browser info. Thanks.

  • edited August 2018 Chrome

    With version 1.0.7 it works again, thank you! :)

    P.S. Can you please make the font of the video definition in the video thumbnails a little bigger (and make the video definition badge height in the video thumbnails as big as the video rating badge height)? The font size of the video definition in the video thumbnails is smaller than the font size of the video rating. The font size and badge height under the video on the video page is the same though as it should be.

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