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GoogleMonkeyR v. (Update by Roxz) - Videos preview empty (black)

About: GoogleMonkeyR (update by Roxz)
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When i check "Auto load more results" the videos previews in these result are black...
That's an old problem but can you find a solution ?

How to know if the script auto load ALL the results possible:
It's like it load some but not all ?


  • The only way of knowing if all the results are loaded is to disable the script and compare. The update should solve the black videos issue.

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    • Search " CAT" by example , on 2 230 000 000 results possible:

    1 - GoogleMonkeyR (With auto-load more results):
    342 items + need to click next + 100 results + need to click next + 141 + need to click next + 100 results
    Total: ~ 580 results (+catpcha google...)

    2 - GoogleMonkeyR (With auto-load more results) + Autopager:
    Total: ~ 580 results

    3 - GoogleMonkeyR (Without auto-load more result)s + Autopager:
    Total: ~ 343 results

    4 - No GoogleMonkeyR + Autopager:
    Total: ~ 343 results

    So, We can't have more than more ~ 600 on 2 230 000 000 possible results...

    • Videos previews are still black in the additional pages ...
      :smile: -)
  • Oh I though you were taking about missing results from the "middle". The script cant load all the pages because google has a way to limit the request made on a single page load so it will eventually trigger the captcha to see if the request are valid or made by something automated. The autopager i think its configured to send x amount of requests and then stop that's why you dont see a captcha but the script doesn't have that. You could continue filling the captcha to see more results but eventually google will block you for some time. So the ideal would be to have the numbered results get back working again and when you hit that wall you just press the number of the next page and it will load the results in a new page and let you continue seeing results. Although i think it owuld be better to just look on an other search engine if you don't find what you need on the few first pages. If you need suggestions for other search engines you can try peekier that comes with sites previews rows and autopager by default there is also Dogpile and qwant that are good and even duckduckgo. On I made styles for those sites to be able to see the results in rows. Dudkduckgo you can use also site preview addon on firefox to have the previews for the results to combine it with the preferences and style to get the same arrangement as having googlemonkeyR for duckduckgo.

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    Thanks for your reply!
    Personally, i use DuckDuckgo (with my userstyle DuckDuckGo - Multi-Columns) .
    But i go to test our others suggestions...

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