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Seems to be causing interference with MTurk HIT DataBase script

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Mind you, TurkMaster is doing its stated job VERY well, it's caught me several well-paying HITs in the past few days. But (and this is a big, big but), my MTurk HIT DataBase script is no longer fully operational. It still does all the Dashboard stuff, but the indicators for whether I've worked for a requester or done a specific HIT already are visible, but not functioning. Twice today I've gotten half-way through a survey and realized I did it a few days ago.


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  • Hmm Turkmaster shouldn't affect the HIT DB at all. I've used them together for months with no issues. Are you sure there isn't something else (another script possibly) that's causing this?
  • It's possible, I do run several scripts together. I mention it here only because my HIT DB was working fine before I installed TM.
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