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Bug Report

About: [KissAnime] Captcha Solver

Works on the 1st set of image correctly. But after that it doesn't work. The fonts get a little smaller than usual. But it does not divide the captcha query in 2 parts like it is supposed to. Also it does not store image in this state. Note it worked correctly for the 1st captcha pair. Everything went smoothly and it saved image data correctly.

Thanks for this script.

And you don't have to give attribute to ankit16-19. He just reposted animebro7's kissanime auto captcha script ( If you want to give attribute I guess animebro7 should be the one you attribute to. But that being said he got bribed by kissanime and deleted all his scripts of kissanime.

Thank you so much for continuing this project. I just hope this keeps you interested enough to keep continuing it.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for reporting this. Could you send me screenshots of what it looks like to you? (For the first and second image selections.)

    Are you blocking the RapidVideo button at the top with any extension like UBlock Origin or something similar (maybe custom styling that hides it)? The script gets the image descriptions by grabbing the second and third elements. If the RapidVideo button is gone, I would guess it would grab the second description twice, and save over the same data in the local memory, making it appear like it didn't save anything.

    Also, thanks for the heads up about it actually being animebro7's original script. I'll probably remove that section entirely when I release the next update, since I'm going over almost all of the code.

    KissAnime has been ticking me off with their anti-adblock drama, but that being said, I'll still finish the updates I have planned, and past that will patch bugs if they happen to come up.

  • edited July 2018 Firefox

    If that was the issue (or to anybody else with that problem), version Edit: 2018.07.07.2 should solve it.

  • edited July 2018 Chrome

    Thanks man. I got the problem. I used this script which I asked a family member to make (He is a software engineer) which replaces default server with beta server. Also it adds a "&pfail=2" at end of the url which gives better player that doesn't retry each time. He made it so it automatically update the urls in the back and next button with this standard so that it doesn't need the time to redirect. This was the cause. As 1st time it didn't change the url the captcha worked correctly. But from then I had used the buttons to navigate that's what caused this issue. I tried disabling each extension and script to see if that worked then but as the &pfail=2 was already in the url field of the browser it still didn't work for that time.

    This is a really simple script and he wouldn't care if someone else used it. I posted the script in the site so others can use it. As I don't have any coding knowledge its not possible for me to update it unless he comes to my home again and I make him update it.

    I guess I cant use it now but it is totally worth it.

    And this is the screenshot. As you said rapidvideo button is unavailable if we use &pfail=2 in after the url.

  • To anyone checking in on the thread: Issue has been resolved in the latest version (2018.07.07.2)

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