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Doesn't work anymore

About: Instagram - visible images counter

No image counter visible. :(


  • edited July 2018 Chrome

    The script works fine in Tampermonkey 4.7.5811 or 4.6 in both Chrome 67 and Firefox 61
    as well as in Greasemonkey 4.5 in Firefox,
    even when you are not logged in to instagram.

    What script manager, in what browser??

  • Not logged in (no instagram account), Chrome 67.0.3396.99 64bit, Tampermonkey 4.6

  • edited July 2018 Chrome

    Maybe you don't use the latest script version, 2018.4.28 ?
    Or maybe jquery and/or arrive.js are empty in the script's Settings | 'Externals' tab ??

    If both are no, I'd only suggest try to remove and reinstall the script, and/or even Tampermonkey itself (after backup your installed), if needed. Also, try disabling any other extensions you may have.

    If none of the above help, then give a specific instagram page URL where there's no counter visible and/or provide a screenshot.

    In all instagram profile pages I've tried, it works ok even when I haven't logged in.

  • Did you try my suggestions?

    I am quite convinced that your issue is elsewhere than with my script - there's something wrong with your browser and/or Tampermonkey installation:
    I see you've been reporting that various other scripts (written by others) are also no longer working for you, but e.g. YouTube Playlist Page - Show Date Posted and View Count
    works fine for me.

  • edited August 2018 Chrome

    With today's version the script also works in localized pages,

    Was that the issue you had?

  • Yes, now it works, localization was obviously the problem. Thank you! :)

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