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This script contains abuse

About: 永久免费更新百度网盘超级账号百度云直接下载助手直链加速支持迅雷+VIP视频在线解析破解去广告+领取支付宝大额红包+【一键领取】淘宝、京东、拼多多大额优惠券、购物立省80%!2019.9.23加强版
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  • edited June 2018 Firefox

    In English
    This script implies to provide coupons and cashbacks to tempt installations
    It changes and adds buttons to legimate shopping sites, redirecting its users to a ad site and potential phshing site that claims to offer coupons and discounts.
    The site has no basic security set such as SSL and uses a invalid identification number.
    Almost all products listed on the site are faulty or fake,some already blacklisted by officials.
    The author of the script has been making such abuses in a very high frequency. please ban this author and add restricions or censorship for scripts that claims to offer coupons if possible.


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