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bug timing

About: Backtime times in inc screen

the script doesnt calculate properly

for example i dont see any tomorrow or today

instead it says 2days at arrival at 18:88minutes?

and this test i made it on portuguese server and with one atack 50minutes or so

so its impossible i didnt check for the language but i guess you forgot that minutes in a hour is 60 and not 100 (not sure though) could be portuguese language messing the script

take a look i will also

gj btw

my skype : add me so we can discuss some "shit" over here


  • edited May 2018 Chrome

    Thanks for reporting that issue! I looked at the code again and I found the problem, though as I don't play TW anymore I cannot test it. But in theory it should display it correctly now.
    It doesn't say "today" or "tomorrow" because I haven't thought of a way to implement that, that's why I set it as "2 days after arrival" or "same day as arrival" or something like that. If you have a solution for that, I'd be glad to hear it!
    If you could give me the unit names in Portugese which will be used if you tag the incs with the Premium function, I'd be glad to insert those, too, so you don't need to use the English words for the tagging.

    I also added you on Skype

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