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Some issue on the Cover Art

About: Deezer:Download

When i put the songs on USB to play into my car the Cover Art disappear.
What is changed?
When the Script "Deezer Premium Enabler" worked this problem wasn't there.
Could you check is somithing is changed please?

As always, you make a very good job guys


  • @Federico Meloni, nothing changed. Try to open file in any player on your PC, if Cover Arts are visible, troubles in your car's player.

    I now downloaded song, cover is in situ ~

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    The problem is the id3tag version, probably.

    So, the problem may be the player, not the Script.
  • I've seen this issue (independent of deezer downloaded) when the art is not properly flagged as "cover" (you can embedded multiple images into a tag each with different flag - cover, artist, back cover, etc) I also see this issue if cover art is too big - both size and/or resolution. That said - the high rez art looks great on my TV so i'm torn about how to address this... Might be worth playing around with your car player to see what the root cause is.

  • Yeah > @jonaaa20 ha detto:

    The problem is the id3tag version, probably.

    So, the problem may be the player, not the Script.

    I'm not sure of this because a week ago, before something changed on Deezer was working.

  • Android WebView
    I noticed that deezer tags are saved as id3 v2.4, so, 2.4 doesn't work on some players, even on my phone doesn't work properly so probably that's the problem.
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    @jonaaa20, in fact, this script works only with ID3v2.3

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    Hello guys i have a suggestion
    the reason for no cover Art on my car's player depends from maximum size (800x800) your script instead downloads the cover art in 1200x1200,
    So you could make an option in the menu that lets you choose the resolution of the cover art.

  • @Federico Meloni, you may control cover resolution with changing this number in code manually.

    line 21: const coverSize     = 1200;

    But after script update, your edit will disappear. So, sort of settings window in plan.

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