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First off - Love the changes.

Some suggestions:

  • A tag for %AlbumArtist
  • A tag for %Date
  • A tag for %Copyright (immediately below track listings on each album's page. This would help ID the version of a album - 2002 remaster vs 2012 remaster - for eg)
  • The ability to specify the size of the album art (note that if you use a URL to pull an album's art, you can specify the desired size and quality (see the file name at the end of this sample url):
  • The ability to tag a track with multiple album art images at various sizes (1200x1200, 500x500, ...)
  • The ability to tag a track with artist's art (user defined/multiple sizes here would be nice too)

The %AlbumArtist tag is the big one for me followed by the ability to add sized album art (the player in my car chokes on larger album art). The others would be icing on the cake.


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    Oh, thx.

    But i not completely understand what are you suggest

    • %AlbumArtist what have to be as result? If only one (main) artist — use %Artist instead of %Artists
    • %Date — number in bottom not always display correct info (or maybe it's my selection's fault, and other 99% are right~). Now release year grabs from azLyrics (if song's text finded, of course)
    • %Copyright — strange, but easy to implement
    • Don't want to overload interface, so what about two constants (resolution, quality) in script body? (until some kind of settings window exists only in ma dreams)
    • For what? I dunno about player, that may correctly work with two covers (not to mention about 0x14 only kinds of allowed covers. Image count unlimited, but players and tag editors totally sucks this edge)
    • Embedding artist's art looks simple to implement. Unlike user defined. Of course it's possible, but 90% of users feel fear watching numerous elements.

    Drawing teh line, most of options is possible and relatively easy to implement, but new things demand separate window for settings.

    edit: date in bottom — release year, but not year when tracks first appeared in public. Don't know about your vision, but i interested in second (earlier) date. It allows me to bethink what happened in world then, think about what may influence artist to write this, etc.
    (but maybe it's only my world vision troubles. Anyway, in option window you'll be able to choose what you want)

  • edited May 2018 Chrome

    No problem. Let me try to clarify a bit.

    • %Artist and %Artists are track specific, as I understand it. If, for eg, you have a compilation album one of the %Artists or the %Artist might be "The Beatles" while the %AlbumArtist would be "Various Artists"

    • %Date on deezer seems to be specific to the album release (remastered, deluxe, etc). So, if there are multiple releases of an album deezer seems to use the date of the specific release. %Year, on the other hand, is typically the org release date of the album, regardless of which version of the album it is. Both have value but I can see how the date has far less value to most users and could be confusing.

    • %Copyright - some older albums that are no longer under copyright protection are released by multiple labels and some of these labels use poorer quality sources than others. Some use needle drops vs master tapes, for eg. I like knowing that if I am listening to an elvis album, for eg, it is the Sony release vs some "Retro Records" label release. The %Copyright info allows me to determine this.

    • album art size - as long as I can specify I'm happy. :) I appreciate you being so accommodating and open to suggestions.

    • multiple album art - my car chokes on art over 1024x1024ish for some reason. As a results I started doing two things (I am playing with both to see which will work better.) I have two covers embedded in the file, one tagged as "cover" and one as "other". I can easily change as needed, depending on use. I am also playing with the idea if having two covers in the album folder, let's say 1200.png and 600.png. I can then use a script to do batch changes as needed. This is, admittedly, a very specific use case. I'm trying to save myself the manual download of a uniquely sized cover. I'm sure, now that you have included the unique cover id, I can probably use a script to do this now.

    Re you edit - %Date / % Year - I agree with your vision - apple music uses the org release date of an album, for eg. It would be ideal to have that date but I am a bit of a meta data hoarder - if's it's there I like to capture it. As stated, I do understand how this could cause more confusion that value for most. It's almost a unique %DeezerDate tag or %VersionDate tag.

    • As far as where the line is - beggars can't be choosers, I understand you need to make design decisions and appreciate you even considering these requests.

    • by the way, I love how you have broken out the track version from the name. It offers so much flexibility for script use going forward.

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