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Spam bot countermeasures

I'm fighting a spam bot that posts scripts/libraries. I'm putting in some countermeasures. If you notice anything weird let me know.


  • This user has already been banned.

  • I've actually been collecting the content of spam posts while planning to make a filter for it, here are about 17 separated by two newlines, first line is title:

    Quite hilariously, pastebin wouldn't let me upload it until I filled out a captcha because it read the spam words.

  • "This user has already been banned."

    Yup, he's been a pain in the ass recently.

  • Those who register with a username/password only (i.e. do not use GitHub or Google) will now have to confirm their email before posting scripts. This confirmation will not be sent automatically on registration but only on request (the button is on the new script page).

    All previously existing users have been marked as confirmed.

  • edited May 20 Chrome

    Jason, are you still moderating? There are a lot of people copy-pasting some of my more popular scripts, and the "most recent" tab is literally pages of spam/fake versions with crypto miners. Are we supposed to submit DMCA's directly to your host ( or what?

    Even looking past my own issues, the site feels a lot spammier in general and you don't seem as active. Would you consider hiring volunteers, ect?

  • You're supposed to post a report thread on the script. After 3 days if there is not a sufficient response from the author of the script, it can be deleted by a moderator.

  • Regarding your comments about how you think these are bots... I have nothing to make me think that the reposts of your scripts are done by bots, but the bot countermeasures I put it should help prevent it if they are.

  • Oh, ok. Sorry for overreacting so much but I thought you were gone for good. I appreciate the work you put into moderating this site. Hopefully I have not caused too much trouble.

  • Just been busy clearing up the hundreds of thousands of scripts the bots created and trying to prevent them from doing it again.

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