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What to change to change text font (foreground) color for dark theme?

About: Add YouTube Video Progress

I already found out how to change the border and background color -

line 34: = "border:1px solid #eee;border-radius:4px;padding:2px 5px;background:#111;";

but how can I change the text color to light grey (#eee) or white (#fff) for the material dark theme (currently it is a blueish grey) ??


  • Text color is specified using the color rule.

    Refer to that MDN documents for other styles or other things related to web page.

  • edited April 8 Chrome

    Thank you, I added color:#eee; before 'border' = "margin-left:1ex;border:1px solid #eee;color:#eee;border-radius:4px;padding:2px;background:#111;text-align:center;font-size:9pt";

  • Can you please make a dark mode option using this line (33) so that I don't have manually to edit after each script update: = "margin-left:1ex;border:1px solid #eee;color:#eee;border-radius:4px;padding:2px;background:#111;text-align:center;font-size:9pt";

  • OK. I've updated the script to support the dark mode. The style for the video progress text will change automatically when the dark mode is toggled on or off.

  • Perfect, thank you very much! :)

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