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Specific times

About: Automatic Material Dark-Mode for YouTube
I would love the ability to set specific times when dark mode should be activated. During the day I prefer classic white youtube.
Can you do that? (:


  • Hi. Unfortunately there are so many different script managers (Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, Violentmonkey, to name a few), and none of them provide any standardized way of setting user-preferences, so it's very hard to make script settings configurable. To do that would require adding extra HTML to the YouTube webpage to hack-in a settings GUI on top of their website, which is very hard/tedious work for me and is overkill for this addon. :-\ If there was a standardized way I'd happily have added it, but there isn't... I hope that this news isn't too heartbreaking. :smile:
  • Oh I see, too bad.
    But thanks for your reply ?
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