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Jr Panda Crazy

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Why does it always start all jobs in delayed ham mode. time consuming to unclick all the jobs and also the button to add jobs to the group so all can be activated is gone. HELP HELP HELP


  • It shouldn't be starting jobs in delayed ham mode unless you have the delayed ham mode button on in the group edit dialog. Green means it's on. The add job button has been replaced by the edit button. Just click on the checkboxes you want in the group and then push the edit group button.
  • mine does. Soon as I push button to start group, it starts with the collect and ham button on. I have to go to edit to turn them off faster. Ill try again. Thx. The delayed ham button is already on when I go to edit and I didn't do it. On the main page the collect button and the goham button is in blue. Am I missing something. Plz help.
  • You have to edit the group. Click on the Delayed Ham Mode button which are on that you don't want on. Then you have to click the Edit Group button at the top to save the changes. I'll probably change that later because it may be confusing.
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