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"Sorry, we couldn’t find that page" Panda Crazy not working...

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
So I can't get Panda Crazy to work today. I made sure it is updated but when I open it I get this message.

"Sorry, we couldn’t find that page
Strange... the page you were looking for is not here. Let’s go home and try again."

Anybody else having this issue?


  • If that's all you are seeing then that means the script is not even running. If it was you would either get a blank page or a message saying it found another Panda Crazy running in another tab or window.
    You can try to look for any errors by doing .
    Errors would show up as red. Make sure the script shows up and is enabled when you click on the tampermonkey icon on that page. Could be a setting that was changed in tampermonkey or chrome that stops it from running after chrome got updated. You can try an earlier version but if it's not running then it would probably do the same thing on older versions. Clear your cache. Maybe it's full.

    You can try it in chrome portable to see if it works. Don't use canary because it is too unstable. If you are running windows you can try edge browser which may work but I haven't fully tested it on that browser.
  • than you guys for the tips.
    hope u have a great weekend
  • Awesome. Just what I was searching for. Thanks from apollo.

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