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Panda's Missing

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy

When I started Chrome this morning and opened Panda Crazy, all of my Pandas are gone. I have no idea what happened. The last backup I have is from October and I don't want to import it if I can get my others back. Is this due to the issue with Hit Forker and the Queue Helper? I disabled all of that and downgraded to the last Hit Forker


  • There are no jobs at all? When you click the text "collecting off" at the top does it show no panda's or some? You can try to export but if the file is empty then I'm sorry the panda's are gone. Not sure why it would do that. Did you erase the browser cache or cookies? Another script shouldn't be causing it unless it's trying to access the data. The October backup should work or you can try a fresh install by adding ?resetalldata=yes at the end of the panda crazy url.
  • I just messaged you on MTC. Someone said it might be easier to reach you there. I apologize. PC is back to default.
  • edited January 2018 Chrome
    It's like I just installed it. I updated Chrome just a minute ago, but it was like that before. I didn't see any new updates this morning for the scripts. I thought everything Mturk wise updated yesterday. Everything was great until I turned my computer on this morning and started up PC.
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