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Can't seem to add watch

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
When I go to a HIT page and click on for example "watch this requester, etc" attempt to "add a watcher" and then put a check in alert and save. Nothing seems to happen. Nothing is added to the column under Turkmaster on the dashboard page. This is true on Chrome and Firefox. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, Thanks.


  • Are you leaving the dashboard open in another tab when you add a watcher? If not, it won't save.
  • Thanks. Yes, I was leaving the dashboard open and it wasn't working for the first 2 days. I had done restarts, but sometime in the last couple of days it started working just fine.
    I noticed Tampermonkey had an update a few days ago. Maybe that was it. Also maybe it's something I'm doing, but it seems frequently the scripts I've added don't seem to work for the first day or two and then seem to do OK after that. I'm kinda a tech fumbler, but thanks to you all that moderate and provide these scripts. I can see my productivity increasing and as I continue to realize all that can be done with them, I'm sure it will increase even more. Thanks again.
  • Glad you've got it working! I'm not quite sure why scripts won't work for you initially like that. I wonder whats going on there.

    Anyway, it's nice to hear that the script is helping you increase your productivity :). Hope you grab some awesome HITs with it!
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