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Panda Crazy home page not loadin???

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Anyone else having trouble accessing the PC home page? Suddenly today it says "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page" each time I try to open the site. Anyone else experiencing this???


  • I have the same exact problem. I am using the correct link but as of right now Wednesday January 17th 3:45 PM Central Time, it gives me the same message you're getting. Not sure what's going on. Also, I had that page open in a window of its own and forgot to close it so I went back to it and tried to start a new ob but I cannot get it started. I closed it and tried opening the page again and it says it can't find it.
  • It started working for me on Chrome. Not sure what the cause was.
  • Not sure why it would be doing this. You can try disabling scripts to see if there is a conflict. Can also reinstall Panda Crazy. Be sure Panda Crazy is shown on the list of scripts currently on for the page you are using when clicking on the tampermonkey icon at the top. If it's not then be sure you are using the correct url. At this time there are two links which will work:[search_term]=pandacrazy=on

    May add another one later if there's still a problem.
  • Hey. I still, after updating and reinstalling script, have same issue as stated. I've even tried it with Chrome instead of Firefox. Sometimes I will get a step further (only with Firefox) and it will open Panda but then constantly tells me I am not logged in. I log in .. again..and this repeats over and over. Any ideas?
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