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Something definitely changed with PC after these recent updates....

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Prior to these recent updates, I had no problem with Pand crazy's timers running with about 15 to 17 surveys set to 650 each running at the same time. I would check them from time to time and the numbers were always moving fluently, about 7 to 8 seconds scrape, even while not in a separate window on chrome browser.

However, after the recent updates this weekend, I now notice that when I leave the pc page and come back several mins later, the pandas are not scraping until I am directly on the PC page, then when I leave again, it stops. I even put it in it's own window and still the problem occurs. Like I said, prior to the update, this was not happening and believe me, I watch my baby panda's like a hawk! Any idea what could be causing this? I have not caught a single hit from PC in 3 days while these updates were being implemented. the only good thing I noticed was the "hey" message finally stopping.


  • I don't know why that would be happening. There is nothing in the script that would stop it if the page is hidden. All it did was give a warning. It only pauses when you get logged off from mturk also. In the next update I'm going back to the original way of unfocused detection because that seems to work the best and now the warning only sounds once. Maybe that will help because I'll be removing the background timer that was trying to detect browser throttling with a 500ms time.
  • I was able to finally get the pandas to scrape fluently by placing PC in a separate window that previously did not resolve the issue, but what I did this time was shrink the window a few inches while in a separate window and now the pandas are scraping without pauses.

    The only other issue i'm experiencing is dealing with many page request errors that were almost non existent prior to this update. Not sure if it's caused by some of the tweaks. Either way, this script is a Godsend and I appreciate being able to use it! Thanks!
  • Well you did say you had the cycle timer at 650ms which is very fast. The PRE limit is around 1000ms or 1 second. This new site has some weird way of calculating when to show a pre and sometimes a specific hit if popular will give more pre's. If you had the script in a tab before then the browser limited it to 1000ms anyway so pre's didn't show up as much. Just try raising the timer and test to find a good time. I have mine set at 1000ms and the ham timer at 900ms. Checking the elapsed timer at the top is very important to see what the actual time it's sending requests is at. Also getting 10 to 30 pre's in a day is not bad. Getting 500 to 1000 in a day is a bit much and probably affecting the chance of getting hits.
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