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its in its own window yet still dings and says "hey" everytime i switch away from it

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
edited January 2018 in Script Discussions Firefox
it obviously cant be the main active window all the time. i have to work. why does it do this? am i missing something?


  • Same here! I've been dealing with it all day now! Plzz fix this!! lol
  • Because if you don't have it in it's OWN window with NO TABS then the browser limits the script and it won't be as fast as it should be. Just drag the tab out of the browser and leave the window alone under all the other windows or in another window. The instructions is on the install page ever since I started the script. I didn't put this restriction in. The browsers do it to make sure no script can slow down your computer. Work in another browser window. It works fine.
  • its in it it's own window, with no other tabs. i understand the script slows down but the window is in it's OWN WINDOW with NO OTHER TABS. Also, i'm on a mac and every time i toggle mission control (see all windows) it says "hey" again, along with just normally clicking away from it.
  • You can try the newest update which checks to see if the timers are really being slowed down by the browser. I don't have a mac to test it on so I don't know what it does differently.
  • the new update stopped my computer from dinging (which is a default mac sound) but still... "hey" every time i focus on the window, then focus away.
  • omg 5.18 fixed it all!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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