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How to disable the notification to use a separate window???

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
I don't understand the point of adding the notification to keep warning you with a "hey" in a display window repeatedly, with no way to shut it off. I tried over and over to put panda crazy in a separate window in chrome and it still gives the annoying notification with no way to disable. How do you turn this off and how do you get it it work in a separate window in chrome? I even tried incognito, but obviously that disables scripts and add ons.


  • You can't disable it because putting it in a tab limits the script and it won't work as fast as it should. Drag the tab off the top to put it in it's own window. CTRL-N will open up a new window also. The browser menu has a new window option also.
  • This doesn't just happen when it's in a new tab. It does it when it's in its own window and is minimized. Also, I've had it in a tab & it seems to work just fine for me. It has the past couple of years. Why would now be any different?
  • I have pandacrazy open in it's own window in firefox and I keep getting the notification.
  • Don't minimize it!! That means the browser is limiting the script to 1 second timers which makes the script slow down and probably won't collect hits as fast as others. This has always been the case for years. I've had the instructions right on the script page on greasyfork not to use a tab for it. Here's a page that describes the problem:

    Just put it in a window of it's own and leave it. Work in another browser window with as many tabs as you like. You can also show Panda Crazy window on the side so you can see the stats or the queue watch. It's helpful.
  • Still need an option to turn off that alert.

    I make more than enough money everyday and if I had to pick between making a five/ten dollars less a day or having yet another open window I have to tab to I'll pick less money.
  • Sorry no option to disable it. Try hit catcher on mturk suite extension.
  • edited January 2018 Chrome
    For those who want to remove it you can do it easily enough in the tamper-monkey editor.

    Go to lines 1577-1579 and comment them out with //

    // showNotification( "Panda Crazy not Focussed.", "Please put Panda Crazy in a window of it's own and not a tab so it works " +
    // "efficiently to grab hits as fast as possible. Thank you.", "NOTFOCUSED", "PC Alert", true );
    // speakThisNow("Hey!");

    Hit save and refresh pandacrazy.
  • ok. Fine. I won't try to help users out making sure they get the most efficient way to use the script. Makes no sense to me so don't complain to me when it doesn't grab that hit that everyone goes after. The ones who have the script in a window will get it. The ones running it in a tab won't.
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