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dosen't work

About: MOOMOO.IO Insane Mod! *BETA* {Very fast} (For Autoheal Speed in the bottom of Description)
Bro this was my favorite script. For some reason the hot keys for the traps/boost pads, spikes and mills dont work. If you could please fix the problem, it would be appreciated. :)


  • That's it, man I've said this on another topic (, it was not working, I use it too for long time, the others are very slow heal or keep holding the item instead of beating, this has the perfect time and now it's stopped to operate. But I think they'll fix it soon ^^
  • or... it just doesnt work and I cant fix it
  • Yes you can, if you have someone who can do it!
    But if it does not work fine :), maybe the next update of the script will work for me again.
    Anyway thank you bro!
  • I may have fixed it but I have quit scripting for moomoo so there wont be any updates... I suggest using my friends mod... MMPM2 (MooMoo Pro Mod 2)
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