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Option to turn off new update's default delayed goham timer

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
edited January 2018 in Script Discussions Chrome
With new PC update is there anyway to get rid of the default delayed ham (blue) without double clicking, i mean so its like it was before update. i dont do batches often so i dont need this on by default. I looked found nothing. thanks.


  • Ditto...would love some sort of way to turn that on/off from defaulting.
  • edited January 2018 Chrome
    Oh you maybe wondering why? A lot of turkers actually use PC for catching 1 hit surveys that are kicked back by others, and don't do batches near as often as this. Delayed ham is great and i know its always been there but having it ON by default with no option of turning it off is the problem, i think your latest update changed it back though, thanks!
  • I didn't do it for batches. The reason why I put it in is because when I noticed when I added a survey I saw a few times it didn't grab it the first or second request but it did get it on the third so I tested it so it goes to ham mode at the beginning and I had very good results with it but then I had my ham timers at 5 seconds so it would get out of ham quickly. Didn't think that others still had it set at 15s. Also I shouldn't have made it set it as a delayed ham mode but that was the quickest way to test it. Will have something better next time and add some options for external scripts so it can be turned off.
  • Panda Crazy not Focussed. Um, that should be one s there, lol.
  • Thanks. fixed.
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