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auto accept

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
not sure what changed, things were working pretty well, but just tried to play a couple hits I was watching and they wouldn't start. If I take off the auto accept they will play, so that is the problem I think.

after messing with it for a minute, it stops after one check. It will work if I uncheck the stop after accept box. So it is stopping not after accepting but after looking once.


  • To add to this behavior, I am finding that the auto accept and the stop on accept cannot be checked together. They work independently (or they at least the allow the watcher to work, I have not confirmed they actually work), but not together.
  • Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't able to reproduce not being able to have both auto-accept and stop on accept checked, but I am going to add a check to make sure that it doesn't stop on accept when no hit was found.
  • Thank you Donovan!
  • One other thing I've noticed, not sure if it's possible, but when I select watch hit on the popup on the bottom right, and I'm not on the dashboard page, on the hits page for example, It will not watch the hit. Thanks again for all your work.
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