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PandaCrazy not warning on log off ... MTS might be causing issue

About: JR Mturk Panda Crazy
Just discovered something I wanted to share in case someone else notices it. I generally don't use MTurk Suite, but did have the Chrome Extension enabled. I was running Panda Crazy (0.5.11) and Overwatch. When I logged out of mTurk, PC and OW did not give the squawk warning/stopped warnings. When I deactivated MTS in the extensions and tried again with log in/log out as a test, PC and OW both gave the warnings as they should. So just wanted to give a heads-up on this possible conflict.


  • This is probably a mturk problem actually. At times when logging off it actually doesn't log you off so you have to log off twice. MTS doesn't have the ability to mess with the background page requests of the script. Don't believe it logs you back in too so it's something to do with mturk itself.
  • Okay, thanks. Did someone else ask you about an issue with trying to load PC on a new computer and the install hangs when it tries to load the audio files? He already went through the info available, and has loaded/used it before on other computers.
  • Yes. The server I was using to store the alarm files is having a problem. I was going to wait for it to fix itself but I'm going to update the script so it uses another server probably tonight. It only affects new users.
  • Wonderful! He was starting to pull his hair out, LOL. I'll let him know. Thanks so much!
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