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Intermitently stops while watching hits

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
edited December 2017 in Script Discussions Firefox
Is this a computer problem? It used to happen about 5 times a day. Now it's happening once every minute. I used to think nothing of it, but it's jump in frequency is too much now. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem? It does seem to happen when I have a lot of applications open. just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

much thanks,


  • Samsung Browser
    Yes I found the watch hits option useless as of now myself.i think Donovan mentioned how he was going to put out a more intense update when he gets back home to his laptop
  • that's great because this is my #1 add-on for turking.
  • try hit forker in combination with turkmaster and panda will love it
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