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Update the Mod

About: MOOMOO.IO Insane Mod! *BETA* {Very fast} (For Autoheal Speed in the bottom of Description)
Please update this mod. Would've been fun to play around with, and was for awhile, but then you stopped listening to me to update this mod. Seriously, there is a new update out there. Not only that, but one of your moderators at Discord mysteriously removed me for no reason. What did I do to get the ban?


  • Umm whats your discord? and the mod works after the new update
  • tgeryt not for me iv sent to things out telling whats wrong with mine but your not responding for me it wont load THIS SCRIPT NEEDS A UPDATE IM GETTING REALLY MAD!!!!
  • Try turning off and on your mods
    or something... my mod works for me all the time
  • here we see mod dependency in action, along with severe withdrawal symptoms of failing and getting mad.
  • dont blame me I am not updating my mod if you want you can just not ruin the game by hacking
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