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v1.3 Same Second Wave Issue

About: Travian wave builder
In v1.2 99% of attacks sent via the script would land in the same second (up to 4 waves, and the next second for each batch of 4 beyond). Since v1.3, the distribution of waves is never in the same second. Often I and others I know get 1-2 waves in the first second, followed by 2-3 waves in the second second, with the rest spreading out similarly.

Part of the benefit of using this script is for 4x same second waves. Manually I can often get more waves per second than the script is currently achieving.

It would be great if this could be fixed.


  • edited January 2018 Chrome
    there is no difference in sending the waves between version 1.2 and 1.3. The sendWaves function was not modified.
    You can try to minimize the interval to 100ms to get a better chance for the first 4 waves to enter the same second.
    It all depends when you click on the send button (in the beginning of the second, or on the ending of the second) and the server lag. You can test by sending 16 waves and see that all 16 waves are in 4-5 seconds.
    If you really think version 1.2 works better, then you can go to History tab, select version 1.2 and click downgrade to version 1.2.
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