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Can't watch hits

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
I cannot watch hits anymore starting today. I have one active page watch that seems to work but if I try and watch a hit everything stops. Sorry to start a new post after saying this already in a reply, but without this I can hardly ever catch a hit because I am just too slow. Also, when my hit watches were working, the stop on accept was not, no biggie there just something I noticed. Thank you so much for your work and if you fix this thank you even more.


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    I very much appreciate the reply but do not believe I am savvy enough to pull this off on my own. I am afraid I don't understand this well enough and would end up just messing things up even more. Thank you
    by the way. Absolutely love the addition of the watch button on the pop up when it worked, very useful.
  • I would think this would be a bigger deal for people. Are others not having this problem, is it just me? Or is it that the fix above is easier than it seems to me?
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    the fix above is pretty simple. Can you tell me what you are using TM with? like browser and extension?

    e.g. Chrome and Tampermonkey

  • I am using exactly what your example is. Thank you for replying. I have a pretty hard time making anything without this working. If the fix is simple, why hasn't it been done for everyone?
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    I don't know what to tell you, other than making money turking sucks.... we are all pretty lucky that DonovanM has devoted his time to making this script. I can tell you he probably didn't get paid to do so and that he probably has another job and really he doesn't have to update the script at all. The fact that he continues to do so is awesome.

    Pretty much the simple fact is when he has time, he will update it.

    but for now:

    You should be able to see the Tampermonkey icon in the top right of chrome. See figure 1.png.

    Click that and you should see figure 2.png

    Click the Dashboard option, i circled it in red in the figure 2.png. It should bring you to the dashboard site. You need to find the TurkMaster row, on the far right there should be a pen and paper, the edit button, again i circled it in red in figure 3.png

    Once clicking the Edit button you will see the code. on the side of the window there are line numbers but from here you can follow the instructions on the link above:
    , or erase it all and replace it with the code from here

    The pastebin link contains all the code with the change in the in the forum post above.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    1.png 540B
    2.png 18.3K
    3.png 2.4K
  • Thank you very much for taking the time to respond, I very much appreciate it. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful to Donovan, I am. I just thought if this was affecting everyone and you fixed it so easily that it could have been done very quickly. So I was just trying to figure out if it was just me having this problem because nobody seemed to comment and I think the watch hit aspect is one of the best things about this. Again, thank you so much for your time and effort in your reply.
  • All credit for the fix goes to the poster in the Post I copypasta'd into this one.

    I just wanted to point out that this is free and really its not something any one should take for granted as he probably put in hours upon hours of effort to make it easier for the 50 some odd thousand people that have installed it.

    With the changes to Mturk i am not surprised there are issues. This current script is working practically bolted on to the new site, and works pretty well despite it was designed for the old one. So it will take some time to iron out the kinks.

    it you run into issues with the above explanation feel free to ask questions.
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    I did it and it seems to be working, thank you so much. I definitely do not take it for granted, like I said, I find it much harder to get hits without it and this being my main source of income right now, it is a pretty big deal and am very grateful for this tool. It has made my turking much more productive. thanks again. Now if the good hits would just pick up.
  • Not sure if it automatically updated or something, I turned off my computer for a while and when I started mturk again the same problem started again.
  • I just put up a small update that includes the fix that @BobbySwiftly linked to as well as another small fix. Let me know if you're still running into the same issues.

    It took me a while to do the update because I'm currently out of town for the holidays and haven't really been able to keep up with things like I want to. That fix was really easy though, so I wish I would have gotten to it much sooner.
  • Thank you very much for all you do, it makes my life much less stressful depending on mturk as I do right now. I downloaded the update and now turkmaster will not load. I have tried restarting computer and reinstalling it to no avail. Not sure what else changed, I did that fix and it worked for a while and then quit again, maybe updated on its own, but now like I said it doesn't load at all.
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