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Just updated, and still not working?

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
So i just took your update, but when i go over to dashboard i cannot click play on anything because it says url watcher is incompatible with new worker site. Anyone else have this problem, or am i doing something wrong?


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    Not sure if this is the same, but I can play the page watch I have set up but when I play a watch for certain hits, everything stops. Also, on a side note, this has probably been mentioned but I didn't see it, my watches have not been stopping after accept.
  • Never mind, I uninstalled and re installed and it worked. I feel like a noob lol. I just want to say thank you so much for working on this and bringing it over to the new site Donovan. I know there are still going to be bugs here and there for some time, but im just glad this script is being worked on. Ill keep an eye out for further tweaks for better fine tuning when you have the time. Thanks again, and have a happy holidays!
  • Thanks for your patience. I'm glad it's mostly working for you. :)

    I'm looking forward to squashing more bugs in the near future!
  • Sounds good man, you're awesome! The main problem im encountering is that turkmaster shows hits that im not qualified for also in the search queue. This is just a bit confusing but im guessing its one of the bugs as you mentioned.
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    Same problem here only Turk master is saying not qualified under hits I am qualified to watch button adds the hit to watch hut never accepts sure it will all be worked out would be awesome to see a panda button option on Turk master as well.i used to not use panda crazy but since the new site rolled out I have really grown fond of it as well.
  • I'm having the same problem as others. Turkmaster is showing hits that I'm not qualified for, which it didn't do before. However, I think it may actually be saying I'm not qualified for hits that I am qualified for. Is this some type of bug?
  • I'll look into the qualification stuff as soon as I can. Seems like I saw mturk returning some hits as being ones that you're not qualified for even when you are qualified, though that was a few weeks ago and I thought it was fixed.

    I might just enable the preview, accept, etc. buttons no matter what.
  • Really appreciate all the extra time you are putting into this to iron out all the kinks. Im sure others and myself especially were expecting the first couple of weeks to be this buggy. But I am just glad that tm is on the new site since it is my favorite script to use! Keep up the great work :)
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    just a note on this. It seems to be accepting hits for me fine, and I am not seeing any hits saying I'm not qualified. The only thing I see as of now is that it does not stop on accept, which worries me a little because I am not sure what happens if you accept 2 or more of the same hit, I've never done that.

    update. it does sometimes say I am not qualified when I watch a hit, but I think it will still auto accept if I set it up that way.
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