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Will the 'auto-accept' watch this hit be available on the new Mturk script?

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
I know the 'watch this page' is working. But, I don't have the option to select 'watch this hit' when the first attempt to get the hit doesn't work, like on the old Mturk. I found this to be so helpful when with getting hits on Mturk. There are so many times that you can't accept the hit when you first try and the page would state no available hits. But, then I could click 'watch this hit', set it up for ever 10 seconds to refresh and auto-accept once it became available. This option has given me so many more hits to complete, than by not having it. Is it possible to implement this with the new script? I know the 'watch this page is on there, but could this option also please be added, like on the old Mturk design?


  • I posted about this before here is the answer:

    This is a tricky issue to solve, The data elements are no longer readily available to use for this functionality, if the hit is unavailable. DonovanM did say he can likely fix this for hits that are found via TM but outside sources like a link from Reddit would still be an issue.
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