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Update for the new worker site

About: Mturk Engine
Worked well, but since the move to the new worker site, the script doesn't work anymore. Can this be updated?


  • edited January 2018 Firefox
    Hi Sarah Lang. Mturk Engine has been updated to work with the new site. Follow the following instructions to move your data over:

    Migrating from the old site.

    1. Navigate to
    2. Click "Save Backup" in the "Settings Tab"
    3. Navigate to the new site:
    4. Upload your backup.
  • I can't seem to access the old engine at all even with the doNotRedirect ending. Is there another way around that?
  • Amazon decided to no longer let us use the doNotRedirect url to reach the old site. The new URL for is Hope that works.
  • The link works fine but there is no way to sign in to the old site. So it doesn't (at this time) seem to work.
  • Sorry I wasn't clear @LLL the script works on the legacy site only so that you can go to the "Settings" tab, download a backup of your data, and then upload that backup to the new website. Mturk Engine only supports the Worker site because it appears Amazon will phase out the legacy site more and more as time goes on.
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