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No "watch hit" option when you push the accept button and it says the hit isn't available.

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Before if you clicked on the accept button and the hit wasn't there anymore you could watch that specific hit through a button on the page that comes up saying the hit isn't available. Please add this in on your next update. Yes there is a watch option on the initial notification but it's not as useful as the watch hit option on the next page because sometimes that hit notification completely disappears after we push accept and there is no way for us to push on the watch hit option if it disappears, so please re-add the watch hit button on the page that follows after we push accept. Thank you


  • This is a tricky issue to solve, The data elements are no longer readily available to use for this functionality, if the hit is unavailable. DonovanM did say he can likely fix this for hits that are found via TM but outside sources like a link from Reddit would still be an issue.
  • I only accept hits through turkmaster anyways, so it wouldnt bother me if I cant watch a hit that I didnt get notified by turkmaster for.
  • As a temporary workaround you can usually find the notification on the dashboard if you hover over the ">" next to the watcher that found it. I know it's not ideal, however.

    Like @BobbySwiftly said I'm hoping to be able to fix this at least when you're coming from a TM notification. There are few more severe issues that others are having that I'll have to fix first but I know this feature is sorely missed.
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