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New Turkmaster port not finding HITs

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Hello Donovan,

Thank you for taking the time to port the Turkmaster script. It appears that your script will not actually scrape for HITs, although the interface looks fine. There are no results returning for me in any category. This is independent of browser, as it appears broken in both Firefox and Chrome (using Tampermonkey). Thanks in advance for looking into this! I actually took a stab at fixing it myself, but was unsuccessful.


  • Try uninstalling then reinstalling. Then go back to the mturk site and enter /hit-scraper at the end of the link. If that doesn't work, then try entering hit-scraper. That's what I did and it now works! :D
  • W. P. Wentzell, Have you tried setting up a new Scrape, or are you using the standard scrapes that are present upon installing?
  • me too. it is not scraping any hits.
  • Are you able to add new watchers at all? The defaults should be working but maybe there's something causing an issue for some of you?
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